Top Quality and Perfect Service
Top Quality and Perfect Service
Automated production lines
Automated production lines
Industrial Customized Solutions
Industrial Customized Solutions
Bagging Weighers
Bagging Weighers
Servo Balans Duplexweigher
Servo Balans Duplexweigher
Servo Balans Throughput weigher
Servo Balans Throughput weigher
Stremsel - Filling Jerry cans
Stremsel - Filling Jerry cans
Check weigher and Big Bags
Check weigher and Big Bags
Throughput weighers
Throughput weighers
Bagging Line
Bagging Line
9M Weighbridge Ramp Type at James Finlay Kericho
9M Weighbridge Ramp Type at James Finlay Kericho
Servo Balans Africa - Weighing Systems in Kenya, Tz and Ug.


Servo Balans Africa. is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in Kenya. We offer a very wide range of standard scales and we are also developing advanced weighing units for a wide range of industrial sectors such as the chemical, petrochemical, foodstuffs, plastics, storage, transhipment and distribution industries and also agriculture (cattle fodder), glass manufacturing and horticulture. In addition we offer a balanced package for medical care. Servo Balans Africa also specializes in the integration of new software-driven control systems in existing equipment.


Top quality and perfect service

Our weighing systems - waste units, bulk scales and Big Bag installations - stand out thanks to their great accuracy and they are used in countless industries worldwide. The high quality and perfect service that we provide in this area make Servo Balans Africa a reliable partner,


High-quality and reliable

Servo Balans Africa is happy to work together with its clients on their ideas. With over 75 years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of weighing systems, we know how to translate every problem into a concrete solution. Our great advantage here is that the entire production process is under our own control, so we can work flexibly. The result: a high-quality, reliable product totally tailored to the client's wishes.



Weighing results must by definition be reliable. Extreme accuracy, that's what it's all about. Servo Balalns Africa knows that better than anyone else and therefore supplies only products of the very highest quality. And we offer an outstanding service at the same time. The specific wishes of our clients are the central focus at Servo Balans Africa and they serve as a guide for our employees.

SBA is a knowledge-driven company. So innovation is the hub of our organization. Our experienced engineering team for both weighing hardware and scale  software is up to date with the latest technological developments. And they know the industries in which we operate better than anyone else. So SBA is in a position to supply superior products tailored to the customer's wishes.


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Archived News

SBA 2013 Latest News

hot news

Dear Sir/Madam

1. Who is Servo Balans Africa Ltd ?

Servo Balans Africa Ltd is an established organisation having more than 6 years operations in Kenya and fully registered with Ministry of Commerce and Tourism under Weights and Measures Department of Kenya. We supply Complete Range of industrial Weighing and Automatic systems in the Eastern part of Africa e.g. Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda and Uganda.

We have qualified and professional staff for providing Services to our Valuable Customers . We distribute and service for world reputed Companies like Ms Servo Berkel Prior B.V-Holland , Cardinal-U.S.A, Flintec-Germany,Radwag-Polland ,Exell Japan ,Shinko –Japan,Vishey Transducers B.V Netherlands ,AWM Ltd-U.K and Leon Engineering-Greece for their Complete Range of Industrial Weighing Equipment.

We also have a Section Supplying and servicing Portable and Heavy duty Bag Closing Machines . We represent in this Market ,Ms Fischbein –Belgium and Sewrite –South Africa. We have Competent Technical Staff to carry out the above Services with Experience of over 15 years .

2. From the Begging ……… Unified Weighing Solutions

Servo Balans Started in 1934 in Holland and it was with the production of Mechanical Dial Clock platform weighers and during that period the establisher designed the world wide reknown Servo Balans Hydraulic Duplex Weigher for weighing all kinds of products . The interesting thing was that Servo Balans then, did not use knives and bearings as a weighing system in their scales , but designed a unique system with stainless ribbons and a level system . The Level system was applied to prevent damage to side ward movements and had also a huge insensitiveness against dust , vibration etc .

World wide you still find systems in operation in Europe Africa , The Middle East , Asia and the America , Etc for Weighing of Sugar, Cane Sugar , Juice , Mollases,Fish ,flour ,Livestock feed products ,Grains etc. Generally we can say we have manufactured scales for more than 90% of World products.

3. Currently …… Why Servo Balans Africa

Servo Balans International B.V decided in 1999 to move into the African Market and be represented there. During this time , Servo Balans East Africa Ltd started operating in the East Africa Market as Agents . It had a lot of Support from Servo Balans International B.V of Holland and the Directorship and Management was from Holland.

In 2007, the ownership /Director ship Changed hands and Servo Balans Africa Was Born. It took Over operations of Servo Balans (E.A) Ltd , during this time the operations had grown bigger and wider. The Staff also grew and delivery services and maintenance services were greatly improved. Currently Servo Balans Africa Ltd is the largest supplier and service provider in the Tea , Sugar ,milling ,etc industry in the Western Region of Kenya and we have a strong presence in Ethiopia ,Uganda , Rwanda and Mumias .


We supply and Service

  • All types of Mechanical Scales
  • Hybrid Platform Scales ( For a higher accuracy or special need )
  • Electronic Platform scale in all kinds of Capacities and dimensions.
  • Beltweighers for all kind of products.
  • Checkweighers ( start /stop of motion weighing)
  • Bagging Weighers
  • Big Bag Filling Installations
  • Drum/Jerry Cans and IBC filling installation /lines for all kinds of liquids.
  • Weighbridges ( All Sizes)
  • Moisture Analysers
  • Axle Weighers
  • Medical Scales
  • Analytical Balances
  • Weigh Pallet trucks.
  • Remote Display ( for Weighbridges with remote display)
  • Livestock Weighers
  • Portable and Heavy Duty Bag Closing Machines

Also we have a design department that makes all types of software for standard or specialised solutions, note only based on software for Pc applications, but also for their weighing indicators

Currently one of our Latest developments is the Withered Tea Dosing Weigher which we have developed during our experience when using them in the Tea Industry in Bangladesh and Uganda. We soon hope will be demonstrating one in the Kenyan Market.

Facilities and equipment are wonderful resources but ultimately are of little value without the most important aspect of any business. Its People over the year’s Servo Balans has been fortunate in being able to employ many talented individuals with the willingness to develop their skills to the highest levels in the manufacture of quality weighing system.

Thanking you for having read this current Newsletter

Yours Faithfully

For Servo Balans Africa Ltd

David Mbaya

Sales Manager




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SBA 2012 Latest News

hot news

We have the pleasure to wish you a Happy New Year 2012 and would like to inform you on our New Development within our company as below:-



We successfully supplied several weighbridges within Kenya and Uganda markets. We commissioned a Rail Wagon Weigher in Kenya and also supplied a Portable weighbridge for a Sugar Factory. Currently we are involved in installing several weighbridges for the Sugar Buying Centres in Kenya. We also continue to provide service contracts and also supply spares.


Platform scales:-

For Platform Scales we have enough stock to supply our clients as soon as the request is placed. We have Platform Scales Weighing upto 300kg on-stock which are for Trade purposes. We continue to supply services and spares for maintaining the same

Bench Scales:-

Currently we too have enough stock to supply our clients. We have capacities of 1.5kg upto 30kg. we have delivered this Bench Scales to several of our clients and their performances have been reliable

Analytical Balance:-

On our stock we have new Models at very competitive prices. Please send us your inquiry or need and you will be surprised with our new prices. The Analytical Balance is highly accurate and will provide the required results

Bagging Scales:-

Several Sugar Companies have made enquiries for the supply of the same and we hope that very soon we will be commissioning some the Kenyan market.

Moisture Analyzers:-

We currently have stock for the Moisture Analyser which has worked efficiently with minimal maintenance requirement. We are continuing to develop and improve our models which we have supplied mainly to the Tea Industry

Withered Tea Leaf Dosing Weigher:-

Currently we have one on-stock of a through-put of 6000kg. we have specially developed it for the Tea Industry and we have made several offers to several companies that would like to install one for a period of about 3 months and if they are happy with its performance they can decide to buy it and if not we  can remove it as our own cost

Cattle Weighers

We are able to supply to our customers cattle Weighers when need arises. We commissioned one for a Livestock framer for weighing his Cattle. We are able to supply Capacities from 300kg to 2000kg, also customize, and customize the same.

Pallet Truck Weighers.

We have now  introduced  on the Kenyan Market our New Pallet Truck Weigher Called Ravas and its fast selling Weigher on the E.U Market . The Pallet truck weigher can weigh upto Capacity of 2000kg


We currently have developed our software for our clients and it’s only when you gives us information you need it to give you that, we develop and install it for you. We provide along with PC and Printers if the need arises


We would like to bring to your attention that due to the improved value of the Kenya Shillings to the US Dollar we are now able to supply the above weighing systems at a lower rate/price. Please note that the prices will remain valid for a period of 90 days upon date of our offer as we monitor the Development on the markets.

We thank you for having continued doing business with us and hope that more contact/inquiries will come from your end during the current year.





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We have the pleasure to once again reach out to all our clients for the first time this year with Our Newsletter. We continue to value your association with us and hope it will grow to greater heights this year. We would like to inform you on the going on in Servo Balans (A) Ltd.


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Belt Weighers


2.    Belt Weigher Systems

We will be commissioning a new Belt Weighing System to our client in Eldoret during the month of March 2011. The Belt Weigher will be able to give a throughput of 10ton per hour.

3.    Packing Machine Installation:-

We are in the process of installing and commissioning a Packing Machine to our client in Eldoret too and we will complete this project in the month of March 2011.


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